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BGIS 2023 Disqualification Reasons: Revealing Criteria Behind Team Eliminations

A critical period in the history of esports has been achieved with the completion of the BGIS 2023 In-Game qualifiers. While inviting well-known teams to participate in formal events, Krafton also offers possibilities for less well-known underdogs to qualify through in-game competitions. Only 2048 teams will make it through the open qualifiers’ fierce struggle to the coveted Round 1 of the BGIS 2023 main event. Now that the results of the In-Game Qualifiers are out, qualified teams are jubilant while those that were eliminated receive email messages from Krafton and must deal with the discouraging news. The teams are urged to carefully examine their inboxes and spam drawers for these notifications. BGIS 2023 Disqualification Reasons: Revealing Criteria Behind Team Eliminations


Why Teams Face Disqualification from BGIS 2023

A wide variety of teams and players compete for a chance to shine at the yearly In Game qualifications. However, only a limited minority are successful in demonstrating their talent. Unexpected things happened in the BGIS 2023 In Game qualifiers, as several above-average teams were eliminated and some below-average teams successfully qualified.

Numerous factors contribute to a team’s disqualification from BGIS 2023. Guided by Krafton’s stipulations, the following eligibility requirements govern participation in the tournament:

  • Players’ Age Criteria: Players under the age of 16 are ineligible for participation. Individuals aged 16 or older but not yet 18 by the Registration end date can take part in the Tournament.
  • Ranking Requirement: All members of a team’s roster must maintain an account level beyond 25 and a tier surpassing Platinum V during the official competition’s registration closure.
  • Nationality Requirement: Only Indian Nationals can partake in the Tournament. Verification of Indian National status mandates the provision of valid identification (e.g., Student ID Card, Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License) issued by a recognized Indian authority.
  • Exclusive Team Affiliation: A team member may solely compete for the team they are registered with. Each member can register with just one team, precluding simultaneous participation in multiple teams and consequently restricting their appearance on more than one team’s roster.
  • Player’s Identification: A player’s gamer tag or in-game nickname, “Gamer Tag,” should adhere to the “TeamNamePlayerName” format, encompassing the player’s Team Name and their name. Krafton retains the discretion to exclude Gamer Tags containing offensive, toxic, or hurtful words or phrases in any language.
  • Team Identity and Representation: The team’s chosen name during registration remains fixed throughout the tournament, necessitating prior written approval from tournament officials to alter it. Team names must remain distinct and devoid of offensive, toxic, or hurtful language as determined solely by the tournament operator or Krafton.
  • In-Game Attire: Post departure from the in-game lobby, players’ avatars must remain appropriately clothed for the entire match. Exchanging attire for cosmetic or comedic purposes during the game is strictly prohibited.
  • Anti-Cheating Measures: Any alterations to the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) game client, employment of cheating hardware, devices, cheat programs, or similar methods such as signaling devices and hand signals, are strictly forbidden. Intentionally collaborating with a player using cheating methods in public matches for multiple instances within 72 hours constitutes cheating.

You may see Krafton’s list of additional standards and requirements here. Teams that don’t meet the requirements for qualifying risk being eliminated from the competition. Despite having scored over average, a number of teams have been disqualified because they did not meet one or more of the aforementioned requirements.

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