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Former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar unlikely to make surprise comeback at UFC 300

As the UFC gears up for its 300th premium event, fans have been speculating about potential surprises and memorable comebacks. However, one name that may not be making an appearance is former UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar. While rumors have been swirling about the potential return of iconic fighters like Ronda Rousey. UFC President Dana White has cast doubt on Lesnar’s comeback.


Scheduled to take place in March or April of 2024, UFC 300 is expected to showcase top-tier talent and potentially unveil some surprises. Speculation has been rife about Ronda Rousey’s return to the Octagon after her reported completion of obligations with WWE. However, White has been quick to quash those rumors. But what about Brock Lesnar?

“I think Brock’s done,” White told Sports Illustrated, dismissing the possibility of Lesnar’s return. “I don’t think he ever comes back.”

Lesnar is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. He last competed for the promotion at UFC 200. He emerged victorious against former title challenger Mark Hunt. The fight became a source of controversy due to Lesnar’s failed drug test. It was revealed that Lesnar had tested positive for a banned substance prior to the event sparking allegations that the UFC intentionally withheld the test results until after the fight.

Former UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar unlikely to make surprise comeback at UFC 300

The fallout from Lesnar’s positive drug test led to legal issues with Mark Hunt accusing the UFC of hiding the test results. Hunt filed a lawsuit against the promotion raising concerns about transparency and fairness in the sport. The incident marred Lesnar’s victory and raised questions about his future in the UFC.

Now 46 years old, Lesnar’s return to the Octagon seems unlikely. While fans may have enjoyed witnessing the former champion’s milestone event appearances such as UFC 100 and UFC 200. It appears that Lesnar’s days in the fight game are likely behind him.

While Lesnar’s potential comeback at UFC 300 might capture the imagination of fans. White’s statement puts a damper on those hopes. The heavyweight division has evolved since Lesnar’s departure with new contenders and rising stars vying for dominance. While Lesnar left an indelible mark on the sport. The focus has shifted to the next generation of fighters who are shaping the landscape of the UFC.

Fans can expect a lineup of thrilling matchups and potentially surprising moments. While Lesnar’s return might have added to the excitement, White’s assertion suggests that fans will need to look to other fighters to deliver memorable moments in the Octagon. Whether it’s established legends or emerging talents, the sport of MMA continues to captivate audiences with its ever-evolving roster and unforgettable bouts.

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