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18-Year-Old Gangster, Wanted In 4 Murders, Shot Amazon Manager Dead: Cops

Maya allegedly shot Harpreet and Govind in the head. He has been arrested

New Delhi:

Four murder cases, a dozen gang members, Insta reels with guns and filmy dialogues – the prime accused in the midnight murder of Amazon manager Harpreet Gill is an 18-year-old like none other.

The bio on his Instagram profile, with over 2,000 followers, reads, “Naam Badnaam, Pata Kabristan, Umra Jine Ki, Shauk Marne Ka — roughly meaning, “I am infamous, the graveyard is my address, It’s my age to live, but I wish to die”.

On scrolling down, you find Mohammad Sameer alias Maya posing for photographs in flashy clothes and sporting long hair. The photos suggest his love to be clicked. So far, it’s a profile of a teen who loves to dress up and pose.

But click on the highlights, and you are in for a shocker. One reel reads jail and captures several youngsters behind bars, another shows Maya posing with and firing guns. There is one which is captioned Maya Gang and shows about a dozen teenagers. This is not a random group of teenagers wanting to show off, but a gang that has terrorised Northeast Delhi, according to police.

The gang calls its self “Maya Gang” after its leader. Maya and his 18-year-old associate Bilal Gani have been arrested in connection with the murder of Gill and police are looking for the other accused.

Maya, who recently turned 18, was involved in at least four murders as a juvenile, police have found. His associate, Gani, turned 18 this Sunday and was involved in a murder and a robbery case last year. Gani was sent to a Children’s Observation home, but he managed to come out and had been working at a welding shop.

While Harpreet died on the spot, his uncle Govind, 32, is fighting for his life after Maya allegedly shot them in the head.

The shooting, police have found, was the fallout of a road rage incident.

Around 10.30 pm on Tuesday, Harpreet and Govind were passing through a narrow lane on a bike, police have found. Accused Maya, Gani and their associates Sohail (23), Mohammad Junaid (23) and Adnan (19) were returning from a party on two scooters. The two-wheelers faced off in the narrow lane. An altercation began on who would give way. The argument snowballed into a fight that ended in Maya allegedly shooting Harpreet and Govind.

The arrests were made after police scanned footage from a CCTV camera in the lane. The visuals show two accused, their faces covered, on a scooter.

Police said efforts are being made to catch the other accused and further probe is on.




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