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Emily Faye Miller In Black Bikini Serves Summer ‘Vibes’

Model Emily Faye Miller is enjoying her summer in her little black bikini!

The season 2 contestant on the hit Netflix reality series “Too Hot To Handle” decides to show off her summer “vibes” by wearing a little black bikini on the beach and she looks so flawless that even her “Too Hot To Handle” costar and current boyfriend, Cam Holmes, couldn’t believe she was real!

Emily Faye Miller Hits The Beach In Her Little Black Bikini

Instagram | Emily Faye Miller

In one of her latest Instagram posts, the Netflix reality star showed off her glowing summer tan on the beach in a little black bikini. She is standing barefoot in the sand, showing off her toned abs and her sun-kissed skin as she stands with one leg crossed in front of the other. Her dark hair is slicked back behind her as she shows off her fit physique and the gorgeous views from her vacation hotspot.

“Vibes,” she wrote in the caption of this Instagram post along with the emoji of a palm tree and two hands coming together to make a heart. Cam was one of the first to comment on the post, asking, “OMG HOW ARE YOU EVEN REAL?” Fans loved the comment. “She’s 10000000:10. So blessed, Cam,” one user wrote. “Like fr,” another follower chimed in.

Famous Friends Can’t Believe That Emily Is Real Either!

Emily Faye Miller In Black Bikini Serves Summer ‘Vibes’
Instagram | Emily Faye Miller

“Love Island” series 9 finalist Samie Elishi agreed, writing, “You are not even real at this point. “Too Hot To Handle” season 1 and “Perfect Match” reality star Francesca Farago dropped six heart-eye emojis on the post while “Love Island” reality star Eve Gale wrote, “Wow.” Her sister, Jessica Rose Gale, agreed, writing, “Incredible” alongside a heart-eye emoji.

Emily’s season 2 costar Christina Carmela, who also works as a commercial pilot, wrote, “Never get tired of seeing this view boo” along with four heart-eye emojis. Nutritionist Emily English also couldn’t believe how good she looked, asking, “HOW ARE YOU REAL WTF?” TikTok star Megan Hana McLouglin confessed, “Currently eating a take away, might cry.”

Emily Faye Miller Is Serving Up Body Goals In Her Little Bikini

Emily Faye Miller In Black Bikini Serves Summer ‘Vibes’
Instagram | Emily Faye Miller

In addition to her steamy snaps, fans were also interested in where she got her bikini from. “Where’s the bikini from? I’ve been looking for simple but cute ones like this,” one fan commented. “So hot! Does anyone know where this bikini is from or where I can get a similar one? I would be thankful for any recommendation!!!” another follower shared but Emily does not usually reply to comments.

“When I laid eyes on you, I immediately signed up to be an organ donor. Do you know why? Because I want to give my heart to you,” one fan gushed. “That body,” another follower wrote. “Breathtaking,” a third fan chimed in. “Stunning,” another follower wrote. “Gorgeous,” another fan declared. “Insane physique,” another follower added.

Fans Agree That Emily Is Beautiful ‘Inside and Out’

Emily Faye Miller In Black Bikini Serves Summer ‘Vibes’
Instagram | Emily Faye Miller

“She’s so beautiful,” another fan wrote. “A DREAM,” another follower exclaimed. “This girl won with genetics,” a third fan teased. “Wow, you’re insane,” another follower wrote. “I’m obsessed with you,” another fan chimed in. “Absolutely unreal,” another follower shared. “Stunning figure,” another fan gushed. “You have the best body ever,” another follower added.

“Body = serving,” another fan gushed. “Beautiful goddess,” another follower wrote. “You are so stunning. I feel like you are perfect inside and out. I adore you,” another fan wrote. “Beautiful. I love the bikini,” another follower shared. “You are the love of my life,” another fan teased while several followers called her “Too Hot To Handle!”

Fans Just Can’t Get Enough Of ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Reality Star Emily Faye Miller!

Emily Faye Miller In Black Bikini Serves Summer ‘Vibes’
Instagram | Emily Faye Miller

Fans would love to know where Emily gets her different outfits from, but she doesn’t usually tag them in her posts. In her Instagram Stories, she said that she will do a “huge recap in a couple of days” once she finishes posting all of her vacation content, so it looks like there is still a lot more to come!

Interested in more Emily Faye Miller content? Fans just can’t get enough of the “Too Hot To Handle” hottie! In another recent Instagram post, she celebrated tanning days on the beach in a tiny pink drawstring bikini that gave fans “Barbie” vibes! Fans can check out those steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!




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