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‘Next Olivia Dunne’ Andreea Dragoi Is Flawless In A Tiny Bikini

Andreea Dragoi gives a splendid sight in her bikini!

The SJSU swimmer dubbed as the “Next Olivia Dunne” took to her Instagram account and posted an eye-popping update, which impressed plenty of users. Dragoi shared a clip that showed her flashing some skin in a tiny two-piece swimsuit.

Andreea Dragoi’s Tiny Bikini

Instagram | Andreea Dragoi

Of course, a day at the beach called for the perfect swimwear, and Dragoi’s certainly made the post worth a look. She rocked a sequinned bikini with blue and pink colors that popped against her sun-kissed complexion — a result of her spending many consecutive days outdoors.

The set included a racy pair of thong-style bottoms that covered up only what was necessary of her lower half. Its scandalous design left the athlete’s sculpted thighs and hips on display. The side straps stretched high over her hips, which helped accentuate her petite waist and hourglass silhouette. In addition, the front side sat a few inches below Dragoi’s belly button, leaving her taut stomach in full view.

Showing A Little Spillage

Andreea Dragoi taking dip in the swimming pool while wearing a sequin bikini.
Instagram | Andreea Dragoi

The skimpy top boasted minuscule triangular cups and a plummeting neckline that left her ample bust well within sight. It had thin straps tied behind her neck. Meanwhile, the bottom pair of strings secured tight on her ribs, further accentuating her slender frame.

The swimwear looked tiny against her ample assets and failed to contain her colossal chest. She spilled out from the sides — displaying a hint of sideboob.

Andreea Dragoi Flaunts Her Tan

The 20-year-old pulled up her blond locks in a messy bun and wore minimal accessories, including a dainty necklace and sunglasses.

The short clip was filmed by the shoreline with Dragoi drenched in the sun’s golden glow. Her tanned figure looked glowing and flawless, thanks to the tanning products she used from COCOSOLIS.

But before heading out, Dragoi was seen holding a transparent pouch filled with two bottles. After placing them in her bag, the swimmer showcased her bikini body to the camera.

Beach Bombshell

Andreea Dragoi poses on the ledge of the pool while rocking a gold bikini.
Instagram | Andreea Dragoi

Dragoi was then seen at the beach, where she put the tanning products to use.

In the caption, she noted that the post was an “ad” by adding a hashtag.

“Stir up the atmosphere with COCOSOLIS tropical and juicy Ananas aroma 🍍 @cocosolisgcc @cocosolis.official,” Dragoi wrote.

Nothing But Love For Andreea Dragoi

Andreea Dragoi snaps a selfie.
Instagram | Andreea Dragoi

Unsurprisingly, Dragoi’s followers flocked to the comments section to shower her with compliments and emojis.

“Exquisitely Gorgeous,” one wrote.

“What a sculptured body,” added another admirer.

“Simply irresistible insatiable sexy lady,” remarked the third user.

Hotter Than Summer

It’s an eventful summer for Dragoi. Last month, Dragoi posted another sizzling video to her Instagram page that showed her rocking a white swimsuit on the runway.

The one-piece was from Culture Cabana during the New York Swim Week.

Weeks prior, Dragoi also walked the Vasaro runway wearing another skimpy monokini and angel wings.

The label showed a glimpse of the college swimmer strutting her stuff on stage in a clip.

“Andreea Dragoi, our charming bridal angel, took Vasaro’s runway by storm,” the fashion band captioned the share. “The white swimsuit, coupled with her radiant wings, set a powerful and trend-setting tone for New York Swim Week.”




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