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The Boy Scouts Have Perversion Files. This Is What They Are

Even though this might be the first time that many have heard of the Boy Scout’s perversion files, they’re not a new topic of conversation in public circles. The Los Angeles Times did numerous stories about sexual abuse allegations within the Boy Scouts in 2012 after publishing a large, interactive hotspot map of molestation claims from across the United States spanning from 1947 to 2005. The map is fully indexed, searchable, and lists some names of claimants, children’s locations, Boy Scout unit numbers, and many even have scanned, handwritten documents cataloging records of incidents and subsequent court proceedings, including letters of dismissal for certain guilty. This database contains 1,900 downloadable and browsable cases.

When taken in tandem with the Los Angeles Times’ 2012 reports, the perversion files portray an overall portrait of secrecy and protectiveness within the Boy Scouts intended to uphold its reputation, defend its policies, and even defame victims and their families. One LA Times article discusses how justice for victims varies wildly between state judiciaries, while another LA Times article cites evidence that in some cases the Boy Scouts did not dismiss an abuser, but kept them on “probation” status. Another LA Times article discusses how the Boy Scouts opposed background checks for incoming volunteers, allowing pedophiles access to children. Yet another LA Times article describes the Boy Scout’s “aggressive [legal] tactics” when defending its organization, even blaming one parent for repeated molestation claims “for her failure to provide adequate parental supervision.”




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