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OnlyFans Star Paige Jimenez Is ‘Grateful’ Her Dad Died

Paige Jimenez rose to fame after appearing on “MasterChef” when she was just 17 years old. Although she came in 19th place, she was praised by chef Gordon Ramsay for coming onto the show at such a young age and was even offered a scholarship to a top culinary school in New York City.

Now, she has begun a career by sharing adult content, which she says she is glad her father is not alive to see.

Paige Jimenez On Her Adult Content

Instagram | Paige Jimenez

The now 25-year-old has gotten into adult content and OnlyFans as she flaunts her body to make money. She ditched her passion for food when she realized her cooking career only paid $20 per hour, and she is now an influencer and adult subscription site star.

Jimenez recently opened up about how she started this career, admitting she always drew attention from men. “Growing up in Hawaii, I’ve always been provocative and sexual. I’ve always worn thong bikinis to the beach, and let’s face it, my t*ts are double Ds. They’re massive!” she told DailyStar.

“So I’ve always had this unwanted – unless attention from menhey’s hot – attend, someone was just like, ‘Why don’t you monetize that? Who cares, it’s 2023, everyone’s posting a** and t***y photos on Instagram, you might as well make some money from it and meet cool people and get a 401k going!’” she continued.

The former “MasterChef” star then admitted that her adult content doesn’t make her feel empowered even though the world is becoming more accustomed to raunchy photos on social media. “It doesn’t make me feel empowered,” she admitted, “but culturally, in the past, when girls post these thong shots or t***ies out pictures, they’ve always gotten so much hate, and I’ve never understood that.

“Now, with the rise of OnlyFans, girls are buying multi-million dollar homes, and it’s introduced a level of respect around sexuality, which I think is long overdue. It’s ancient school, insulting and demeaning when we just assume people are posting [those pictures] just to get a like on Instagram,” she continued before adding, “Now I’m just like, ‘Good for them – I wonder how much they made on that post!’”

The 25-year-old added, “By all means, when I get cheated on or broken up with, a** pic is coming on so fast. But it’s a new age of sex work, expressing ourselves and being able to monetize it.”

Paige Jimenez Is ‘Grateful’ Her Dad Died

Paige Jimenez Is 'Grateful' Her Dad Died So He Can't See Her OnlyFans
Instagram | Paige Jimenez

Paige Jimenez did open up about where she draws the line, especially since her grandmother is still alive. The 25-year-old said that even though she posts raunchy content to social media and is an adult subscription site star, she draws the line at sexual content.

“My grandma’s not dead yet,” she said on the reasoning as to why she won’t go down the sex-content route. “Sometimes I’m grateful that my father died,” she confessed regarding him not seeing the content she pots today.




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