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Harmonizing Earth Tones: Landscaping with Sandstone and Grass

You’re desiring a charming, unique, and natural landscape in your garden. Consider harmonizing earth tones, notably with sandstone and grass. These two elements have proven successful in creating a serene environment that is both appealing and relaxing. The sandstone paving colour variations combine beautifully with the lush greenery to produce an outdoor haven. With over 60% of homeowners investing in outdoor living spaces according to the American Society of Landscape Architects, understanding key elements in landscaping including such colour variations has never been more important. Dive into the intricacies of landscaping with sandstone and grass.

Understanding Sandstone

Sandstone is a rock made up chiefly of sand-sized particles that are often cemented together over time by calcium carbonate, silica, or iron oxide minerals. These particles originate from weathered rocks and are transported by wind or water, eventually settling and compacting under pressure to form sandstone.

Description of Sandstone

Sandstones exhibit varied textures, densities, as well as colors ranging from white and tan to rust brown and deep red due to mineral content. This variability in appearance makes sandstone unique and offers great versatility in creating unique landscaped spaces.

Benefits of Using Sandstone

The benefits of using sandstone in your landscape design are numerous. Its unique texture imparts an authentic rustic charm to any space. The longevity of sandstone is assured due to its durability and strength. It is resistant to extreme weather conditions, rarely retaining heat or cold like other rocks.

Sandstone Selection Tips

Sandstone selection requires careful consideration of the dimensions of your space, sunlight exposure, rainfall frequency, color scheme, and personal preference on texture. Make sure to examine the quality of the sandstone by checking for a uniform texture and compactness.

Sandstone Application in Landscaping

Sandstone can be applied in many areas of your landscape design. It can be used as stepping stones, wall art, patio layers, or even as garden edging. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

Understanding Grass

Grass, a ubiquitous part of landscape design, is an essential element in creating the perfect outdoor space. The correct selection and maintenance of grass not only accentuates the beauty of your landscape but also increases the value of your property.

Description of Grass

Different types of grass exhibit varying characteristics – color ranging from light to dark green, leaf texture from fine to coarse, as well as growth habit from clumping to running. Also, consider the resilience of the grass to traffic and its adaptability to different climatic conditions.

Benefits of Using Grass

Properly maintained grass offers a lush, vibrant aesthetic appealing to the eye and comforting underfoot. Beyond aesthetics, grass contributes to improving air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Its root system also helps prevent soil erosion.

Grass Selection Tips

Selecting grass involves understanding your specific climatic conditions, soil type, and maintenance potential. Some grass varieties demand intense maintenance while others are quite low-maintenance. Consider these factors before making a selection.

Grass Application in Landscaping

The application of grass in landscaping covers a broad spectrum – from lawns and park areas to playgrounds and sport fields. With appropriate selection and proper maintenance, you can achieve a lush, verdant landscape year-round.

Symbiosis Between Sandstone & Grass

The combining of sandstone and grass forms a harmonious blend in a landscaped area. Grass softens the harder lines of sandstone while the stone provides a sturdy base for elements planted around it. This coexistence presents a beautiful contrast of textures, colors, and forms.

Proper Maintenance

Maintaining your sandstone and grass landscape requires constant but manageable care. For the sandstone, cleaning with pressurized water jets occasionally can avoid moss buildup. Regular watering, weeding, fertilization and mowing are essential to ensure your grass remains lush and healthy.

Things to Avoid

Avoid aggressive power washing on sandstones as it can wear down the surface over time. Never let grass grow too long without mowing as it may lead to patchiness and weed proliferation.

Increasing Property Resale Value

Beautifully landscaped spaces have a positive impact on property values. According to a Michigan State University study, good landscaping can increase property values by 12% to 15%. Therefore, investing in the right combination of sandstone and grass can prove advantageous for homeowners.


In conclusion, landscaping with harmonizing earth tones like sandstone and grass can transform your outdoor space into a serene haven. Making careful selections, proper maintenance, and avoiding costly mistakes are key to achieving an attractive landscape that adds value to your property. Ensure you enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space while also making a worthy investment.




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