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Toyota Bit Sprix GPT Review – Scam or Legit?

In light of the financial crisis around the world, Toyota has launched a new project that it hopes will help people become more wealthy and pledge to support them.

The global pandemic threatens humanity, causing people around the world to lose their jobs, suffer from a financial crisis, and many businesses to close.

The large company “Toyota” took action to help people in need and invested 200 billion yen in Bitcoin to establish a project called ” Bit Sprix GPT .”

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda has asked that the project be kept private while it is still being worked on.

And now, Toyota has finally unveiled Bit Sprix GPT, announcing that residents of Japan will be the first nationals to try out this new platform, along with the US, Australia, and Canada . The idea was simple: give middle-class people the opportunity to cash in on the digital currency boom, even if they have no experience in technology or investing. People around the world were shocked by this new platform that helps them get rich fast. According to Toyota   , Bit Sprix GPT is a new virtual currency trading platform that allows anyone to become a millionaire within 3-4 months  ! I’m about to try to shut down this project. That’s why we’re encouraging people to try out this new platform before it closes. At Bit Sprix GPT , the automatic trading algorithm works after a  user makes an initial deposit on the platform , typically of 35,000 yen or more.

Interview with Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda about Bit Sprix GPT

“Toyota has always tried to make people around the world happy, but now we don’t just want to make people happy, we want to help people and help each person achieve their dreams and desires,” continues Akio. : “Our newest platform, Bit Sprix GPT , helps people get rich quickly. Instead of working every day to accumulate money, your money will generate money!” Akio says, BTC While Bit Sprix GPT will make its users rich if it continues to operate, banks around the world are feeling threatened by this new platform and are attempting to shut it down. For this reason, Akio is encouraging people to utilize the facility before it closes.

You may be surprised to learn that only two-thirds of Akio’s $182.9 billion fortune comes from his work.

 The idea behind  Bit Sprix GPT is simple: to allow middle-class people to cash in on the most lucrative investment of the 21st century: the cryptocurrency boom, even though many people question the idea. . Although the price of Bitcoin is down from its all-time high of $60,000 per Bitcoin, traders are still making hefty profits. Why? The reason is that there are many virtual currencies other than Bitcoin, and they are traded every day to earn huge profits. Some of these cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, Ethereum, Monero, and Zcash, are still delivering over 10,000% returns to the Japanese public. Bit Sprix GPT  allows you to profit from all these cryptocurrencies even in bear markets. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically process long-term trades, so you can earn 24 hours a day, even while you sleep. Bit Sprix GPT is also backed bysome of the world’s most successful people, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates .

Bill Gates and Richard Branson discuss Bit Sprix GPT at CES .

The best way to answer that question was to try it out and see if what Akio Toyoda mentions is true. We set up an account and initially deposited a total of 35,000 yen. After that, we simply pressed the “start” button and the software did everything for us. Before answering everyone’s questions, Mr. Akio said with a smile. “I made a profit of 29,800 yen in just 8 minutes.”

Register and make profits!

 We tried out the platform Akio used to see if this was a one-time benefit or if it really pays off.

Here’s the deal:  The platform charges a 2% fee on profits generated by users. To get started, you need to make a deposit of 35,000 yen or more. This amount is the initial investment that the software uses for trading. The algorithm buys when the price goes up or down, allowing you to make a profit. This is called a short sale and is handled automatically by the platform .  Bit Sprix GPT Results After Days  Mr. Akio was able to make another 23,300 yen profit after 3 hours, but in our case it took much longer. Bit Sprix GPT took 20 hours to generate a profit of 19,219 yen, but I was still surprised by this fact! I had never traded before in my life, but this was my first time making a profit.

We spent about 25 minutes a day checking the results and after 5 days we had a total of 65,000 yen traded on the platform. This is a 210% increase over the initial deposit amount. Therefore, I started becoming a believer in this platform . After 7 days, our initial investment was up to 200,000 yen. At this point I was thinking about what I could do with this money. This amount is more than one week’s salary. I spent less than 3 hours a week reviewing the platform . I wanted to see how high this amount would go, so I decided to keep my account open for 15 days. As a result, the account ultimately reached a peak of 730,000 yen, but within that amount, there was also a profit and loss of 7,951 yen. When I checked the transaction log, I found that not all transactions were profitable. Some of the trades actually lose money. The platform isn’t magic, but after 87% of my trades were profitable, my funds grew from my initial deposit of 35,000 yen to 730,000 yen. It requires less than 3 hours of work per week and requires no technology knowledge or investment experience. As you can see from the screenshot below, I decided to use the withdrawal feature to withdraw 730,000 yen from my account.

In the end, we made a profit of 730,000 yen. We decided to withdraw the money and split it among everyone. Note: It took 48 hours for my allocation to be deposited into my bank account.

Currently, our readers can try out the platform with a deposit of just 35,000 yen . This amount can be withdrawn at any time. If the popularity of the trading platform increases significantly, the initial deposit amount may increase! It’s important to sign up now as places are limited.  You can transfer funds to your account via credit card or bank. 3 Steps to Get Started  1. Sign up for a free account 2. Deposit a minimum amount of JPY 35,000 3.  Use  the trading platform to profit Note: Use the “Withdraw” button within the platform , you can withdraw your profits or your initial deposit at any time .

The first thing you will see in this video is the power of Bit Sprix GPT . Since it’s an American product, the advertising is bold, but to get started right away, just submit your name and email address next to the video .

Important : Registration for Japan residents may end soon, so we recommend applying now )

Next, we will be asked to fund our account . After entering the deposit page, my cell phone rang. I was hesitant to answer the call because it was an overseas number, but I soon found out who was calling.

It was a personal account manager. The service was excellent and they carefully helped me with the deposit process. All major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express can be used, and I deposited the minimum deposit amount of 35,000 yen.

After depositing, I went to the “Autotrader” section of the software, set the trade amount to the recommended ¥5,000, enabled it, and the software immediately started trading. I was nervous at first, but I continued.

We have received notification that as of today the priority slots for Japanese residents are nearly full. Bit Sprix GPT can only accept a limited number of users in order to keep the profit per user high. There are currently (37) spots left, so sign up now to secure your spot .




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