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100+ IELTS Essay Topics for IELTS Writing Task 2

The IELTS writing task 2 is a common question that you’ll encounter in both the Academic and the General Training versions of the test. This task takes 40 minutes to complete. Within this time, you have to compose a 250-word essay. Now, even though Writing Task 2 is the same for both versions, the topics for Academic are comparatively more challenging than those for General Training. 

If you’d like to ace this task, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the topics that you might expect. If you are looking for IETLS coaching, AbroAdvice.com is the right place. The topics mentioned below can cover the major types of essays that you can expect from this exam, such as – 

  • Discussion Essays
  • Opinion Essays
  • Advantage/Disadvantage Essays
  • Direct Question Essays
  • Solution Essays

Now, the IELTS has a few favorite topics or essays that they love to assign for this task.  For study abroad consultation, Abroadvice is the best platform in india. Let’s explore a few of them.

I. Education

1. Do you agree that traditional schooling systems will crumble within the next ten years?

2. Are teachers’ poor teaching skills the reason why children have low attention spans in class? 

3. What are the advantages of student exchange programs? 

4. Can video games be integrated into education?

5. What are the disadvantages of uniforms in schools?

6. Do you think the size of a class affects a teacher’s ability to teach?

7. What is your opinion on homeschooling and its effectiveness compared to traditional schooling?

8. Do schools have a responsibility to make sure parents are involved in a child’s education?

9. Are parents more responsible for disciplining students than teachers?

10. What methods of disciplining children should teachers adopt?

11. Should all schools make learning foreign languages compulsory?

II. Technology

1. Do you think easy access to information has been advantageous?

2. Are face-to-face conversations becoming extinct because of technology?

3. Is technology taking children’s time away from playing around or reading books?

4. Discuss a technological innovation that humankind could do without.

5. What are the advantages of technology in the medical field?

6. Do you think the disadvantages of technology outweigh the advantages?

7. The effects of technology on globalization.

8. Do you think technological advancements can change the face of war?

9. What is your opinion on robots replacing human workers?

10. Can machines be as efficient as humans in every aspect?

11. Is technology more valued in society than the arts?

III. Equality

1. Do you think men are more conscious of hygiene and beauty than they were before?

2. How do gender stereotypes affect perceptions of different genders?

3. Why do companies refuse to pay women the same wages as their male counterparts? 

4. Should schools introduce classes focusing on gender equality?

5. Do you think schools treat boys and girls differently?

6. Why is it so hard to achieve equality for all genders?

7. Men are taking up more professional roles traditionally delegated to women – Is this the right step towards gender equality?

8. Why did the COVID-19 pandemic act as a trigger for Asian hatred?

9. Do you think organizations should consciously try to promote racial equality?

10. Can human beings truly be equal?

11. Why do you think there is a huge financial inequality in society?

IV. Environmen

1. Can solar energy completely replace electrical energy in households?

2. Do you think politicians play a major role in preventing global warming?

3. Should all countries focus on finding alternatives to fossil fuels?

4. Should human beings and their well-being be prioritized over endangered animals?

5. What are the advantages of teaching children about environmental concerns from a young age?

6. Do you agree that plastic pollution has severely damaged the aquatic ecosystem?

7. If all countries stop using cars for one day, will it improve the levels of air pollution?

8. Why do you think people across the world are not proactively doing something to counter global warming?

9. What are the environmental advantages of using renewable sources of energy?

10. What are the advantages of protecting small nature spots in urban centers?

11. Do you consider global warming the biggest threat to humankind?

V. Language and culture

1. What are the advantages of learning a new language?

2. Do you think people of different cultures willingly integrate into another culture once they shift abroad?

3. What are the advantages of growing up in a culturally inclusive environment?

4. Music transcends language – Do you agree?

5. Do you think learning sign language should be compulsory?

6. Is it possible to become as fluent as a native in a foreign language as an adult?

7. Why do you think it is easier to learn English when you’re surrounded by English speakers?

8. The benefits of cross-cultural communication

9. Is language the only effective way of communication? Explain.

10. What cultural barriers do Asians have to overcome when they settle in the USA?

11. Do you think transitions into another culture can be smooth if they’re similar?

VI. Government and society

1. Do you think falling birth rates in society is a cause of major concern?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of democracy?

3. Democracy vs. Autocracy – Which one is better?

4. How do governments use war as a political tool?

5. Do you think civil wars arise because of the nation’s failure?

6. Culture has an important effect on politics – Agree or Disagree?

7. What do you think about governments forgiving student loans?

8. The role of capitalism in modern society

9. Should governments focus on providing healthcare and education facilities before fulfilling other responsibilities?

10. Is aiding any financially poor country with donations a temporary solution?

11. Do you think a government’s response to an emergency shows its effectiveness?

VII. Health

1. Fast foods have ruined the health of millions – Do you agree?

2. Should all schools provide free midday meals to young students?

3. What effects does sitting for hours at a desk job have on your health?

4. Do you think encouraging diets constitutes giving in to societal expectations of how one should look?

5. Impact of social media on the food industry

6. What role do parents play in preventing childhood obesity?

7. Should all countries provide free healthcare for their citizens?

8. The effects of yoga in improving health conditions in aged people

9. Leading causes of depression in young adults

10. What are the advantages of plant-based diets?

11. Discuss the effects of poor mental health on physical well-being.

VIII. Media and advertisement

1. The role of social media in dictating music trends

2. What are the disadvantages of consumerism?

3. Do you think political propaganda is easily spread thanks to social media?

4. Small businesses vs. large companies – Do you think their marketing tactics are different?

5. Do you agree that advertisements in newspapers are backdated?

6. Why do companies still use traditional marketing tactics even though they might not be as effective?

7. Do you think the media can change your perception of certain issues?

8. Media as a method of education – What are your views?

9. Advertisements discourage individualism – Agree or disagree?

10. What are the disadvantages of becoming a full-time social media influencer?

11. What is the impact of advertisements on children?

IX. Crime and punishment

1. Do you think teenagers below 18 years who knowingly commit crimes should be punishable by adult laws?

3. Socioeconomic conditions are responsible for forcing people to commit crimes – Agree or Disagree?

4. Should criminals be pardoned and given a second chance?

5. Do you think there should be harsher laws for animal cruelty?

6. Can crime be removed from society through harsh punishment?

7. What should be the best of punishing teenagers for crimes?

8. Do you think upbringing has a role to play in children growing up to be criminals?

9. Religion has an important role in determining punishment – Explain.

10. Do you think capital punishment is fair?

11. Does the death penalty excuse murder?

X. Business and money

1. Do you think large shopping malls are taking away business from local stores?

2. Is it ethical to remove workers from their jobs after adopting robot technology?

3. What was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses worldwide?

4. What do you think is the biggest reason for losing money in business?

5. How can businesses ensure they stay on top of their competitors?

6. The role of leadership in the success of a business

7. Do you think globalization has affected local businesses in a good way?

8. The influence of artificial intelligence on business transactions

9. Can businesses survive without investing in marketing?

10. How can students save money in school?

11. Do you think a good investment can save a failing business?

In conclusion,

Preparing for the IELTS takes a lot of time and effort. Without proper guidance, your efforts might not be the most effective. Fortunately, websites like AbroAdvice.com can help you out. 

This online counseling service has many IELTS scholars who are well-versed in the exam and can help you with the writing tasks, reading, listening and speaking questions. The topics highlighted here have been recommended by these experts. Practice writing 250-word essays by taking these topics as inspiration. You can also sign up for IELTS preparatory courses on AbroAdvice.com. The website offers short-term sessions covering the basics of the exam and gives access to hundreds of learning materials and sample papers




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