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Nail Colors That Add a Touch of

Plenty of nail polish colors can add a touch of sophistication to your look. The power of polish lies in the various shades and designs you can use to express yourself. However, there are potentially infinite nail shades to choose from. So, how do you know what to pick?

We put together this guide to help you find nail colors and styles that can add that touch of sophistication that you’re looking for. Let’s jump in!

1. Classic Red Nails

Photo by Pin Adventure Map on Unsplash

One of the most sophisticated nail colors would have to be a classic red. Red nails make you look confident and classy. Plus, this shade can look great with any outfit you can imagine. 

There are so many different shades of red that look outstanding. You can wear rich, sultry reds or vibrant, candy reds. No matter what you pick, you will make a statement when you choose red nails.

You can choose a red nail polish that matches your skin tone for the best results. Generally, fair skin with blue undertones looks best in crimson. This color offers contrast and won’t make you look washed out. Medium skin tones look best with reds with warm undertones, like orange or gold. Finally, dark skin looks gorgeous paired with deep, burgundy reds.

That said, a classic apple red can look stunning on any skin tone!

2. Nude Nails

Next, neutral, nude nails can also look very elegant on everyone. These colors are generally any shade that could be a skin tone, ranging from a pale beige to a deep brown. They make your nails look very clean and are incredibly versatile, so you won’t have to plan your outfits ahead of time.

Nude nails are great for looking sophisticated, neat, and fashionable. You can find many natural nail polish options in nude shades as well. These shades have exploded in popularity in recent years, so you’ll want to have at least one bottle you can turn to when needed.

So, how do you choose the perfect nude nail color? Well, you’ll first need to understand your skin tone and undertone:

  • Light skin tones look best with nude shades with blue undertones.
  • Medium skin tones look best with shades that use pink undertones.
  • Olive skin tones pair best with polishes that use brown and beige undertones.
  • Dark skin tones look beautiful with any nude shade.

As a general guide, you’ll want to choose warm nude shades for skin with warm undertones and cool nude shades for skin with cool undertones.

Finding your skin undertone is a simple process. All you need to do is check the veins on your wrist. They’ll appear greenish if you have warm skin and blueish or purplish if you have cooler skin.

3. Classic French Manicure

Photo by Sarah Cervantes on Unsplash

French tips are very classy. These nails utilize a nude shade with white along the edges of your nails. The result is immaculate, crisp, and sophisticated. It also has the benefit of being versatile and matching any outfit.

The design originated in Hollywood in the 70s. Jeff Pink created it to match all the costume changes of actresses, giving it a neat and universal look.

You can even do this design at home easily. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Clean your nails and shape them.
  2. Lightly buff your nails.
  3. Apply the neutral shade over the whole nail.
  4. Give it plenty of time to dry.
  5. Place a piece of tape over your nails so only the tip is out.
  6. Paint white over the tip and allow it to dry.
  7. Remove the tape.
  8. Apply a clear coat to seal the design.

You can save much money by doing your French manicures at home. It’s a quick and straightforward process, but perfecting it may take some practice. So, don’t give up if you don’t get it right on the first try.

4. Dark Blue Nails

Photo by feey on Unsplash

Next, dark blue nails, especially navy blue, can look very sophisticated. They’re a great alternative to wearing pure black nails and come across as very formal. Deep, shimmery blue nails are the most elegant option out of all your blue nail shade choices.

You can add more personality to them with some gold or white accents. Gold is an especially great choice, as it will add more luxury to the design.

Navy blue nails are also professional and stylish, making them a good choice for the workplace.

5. Dark Purple Nails

Dark purple nails are also very sophisticated. There was a time when purple was reserved for royalty, so wearing this shade on your nails can bring images of wealth and luxury to mind. There are plenty of deep, rich purples to choose from, too.

Like dark blue, purple is also a versatile shade, meaning you can wear it with various outfits. Purple can also transition between seasons nicely, making it a more practical choice. Plus, purple can add a sense of mystery to your vibe.

Lastly, purple can be very flattering on various skin tones since it contains a mixture of blues and reds. It’s a timeless classic, so you won’t need to worry about the color going out of style.

6. Chocolate Brown Nails

Chocolate brown is a beautiful shade. It’s warm, deep, and very classy, especially if you wear it during the fall and winter. This color is comfortable and versatile, too. You can coordinate it with casual and formal clothing with outstanding results.

Many people find this shade cozy and approachable, giving it a timeless, professional appeal. It also works well as a base for many kinds of nail art. Gold, cream, and shimmery accents can look gorgeous on chocolate brown nails.

The Power of Polish is in Your Grasp

To summarize, many different colors are available to create a stunning and sophisticated nail. Try each option on this list until you find your favorite for the season. Many of these shades are timeless, versatile, and classic, so you can wear them with anything!





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