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L’Écho du Sud: the oldest Malagasy newspaper

The Madagascar media landscape has an interesting history and roots, and the L’Écho du Sud is at its center. It’s the oldest Malagasy newspaper still in existence despite advancements in media and technology. Keep reading to learn more about the legendary L’Écho du Sud. 

Inception and founder

L’Écho du Sud which roughly translates as “echo of the south” was an idea born by a visionary Frenchman, Louis Leon Cambrezy, in 1929. At the time, the only existing newspaper, La Voix du Sud, had closed up the previous year. Hence, there was a media vacuum to be filled, which was the inception of L’Écho du Sud.

Leon was from France, but due to his involvement in the famous second Madagascar expedition and his staunch stance on colonialism, he channeled his love into creating a masterpiece that is still being read today. He fell in love with the country and its people and gave them a gift that stands today.

At first, the paper was publicly in support of France’s influence and colonial contribution in Africa. However, the founder later switched allegiance to the Spanish Republicans. The publishing headquarters is in Fianarantsoa. 

Themes and core pillar

The newspaper, since its inception, was built for the Malagasy populace to serve as a window into happenings within Madagascar. 1929 and the few years that followed it was a politically and socially eventful time for Malagasy people. So, it was a time when authentic and unbiased information was needed by the people. 

Upon this, Leon created the core theme of the newspaper, which is to cover general news that includes economic trends, entertainment, and political news. The pillars of the newspaper firm are attributes that embody ethical journalism which is quality and authenticity. The newspaper operates 7 days a week but appears every Saturday, with all happening within the week. 

Sustained Relevance in the modern world

Till today, which is more than ninety years after its inception, the newspaper still exists as the oldest in Madagascar. It is a rich reference for anything anyone wishes to know about happenings in the Malagasy world. With each passing year, the newspaper administrators adapted to technological advancements.

Today, there’s an official website for the brand. Additionally, the newspaper has had its logo changed slightly over the years, but the name remains the same. Despite its historical root and adaptability over the years, the publishers have never strayed from the stronghold of integrity. 

A final word  

At inception, the lack of a reliable news outlet devoid of bias and bigotry led to the birth of the famous Madagascar newspaper, l’Écho du Sud. Since then, the paper has lived up to its name as the southern echo of all happenings in Madagascar.

The palpable passion and commitment of its founder still live in the publishers to date as the paper remains one of the top references for news all around the country. In the midst of stiff competition within the media world, the pillar of ethical journalism and relevance makes l’Écho du Sud stand out.




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