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Running Java Apps in the US? Why You Should Choose Jelastic

As demand for modern cloud-native applications grows rapidly in the US, many teams are looking for agile platforms to deploy their Java workloads. Jelastic provides an ideal platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution tailored for US-based Java developers. Jelastic is a flexible jelastic paas usa offering automated infrastructure provisioning, scaling, monitoring and security for Java applications. This enables US development teams to focus on building innovative apps and services. Leading hosting providers offer Jelastic globally and across multiple regions in the US for easy access.

Let’s jump into our main topic and explore why US-based teams running Java apps should consider Jelastic PaaS for their next project. From automated scaling to expert support, Jelastic provides key benefits that appeal to Java teams in the US looking for an advanced cloud application platform.

Automated scaling

One of the biggest benefits Jelastic offers US-based Java teams is automated scaling capabilities. Jelastic dynamically scales application resources up and down based on real-time demands. It automatically adds more RAM, CPU cores, storage or nodes to handle growing workloads without human intervention. This prevents downtime while optimizing performance and costs. Resources scale down during quiet periods so you only pay for what you use. For US teams running Java apps, Jelastic provides the automation to scale seamlessly and cost-efficiently as needs change. No more scrambling during traffic spikes or overpaying for idle capacity. Jelastic brings peace of mind that Java apps can fluidly handle any workload.

Faster deployment

Jelastic accelerates deploying Java applications for US-based teams through its pre-configured cloud stacks. Developers can instantly deploy Java apps to production-ready infrastructure for Tomcat, Jetty, Wildfly and more. Jelastic automates provisioning, load balancing, clustering, failover and scaling. There’s no need to manually setup virtual machines, databases or networks. Jelastic streamlines CI/CD pipelines by spinning up infrastructure on demand. Promoting apps from dev to test to production is easy. By removing infrastructure headaches, Jelastic helps US Java teams go from code to deployment much faster. More time for innovation, less on IT ops.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

US-based Java teams can benefit from Jelastic’s transparent pay-as-you-go pricing. You only pay for exact cloud resources consumed per hour – no annual contracts or upfront licensing fees. Costs scale up and down in real-time based on actual usage. This prevents overpaying for pre-allocated capacity you won’t fully utilize. US teams can deploy apps today and add resources seamlessly as needed. Granular visibility into usage and costs help prudent budgeting. Usage-based pricing provides financial flexibility to innovate now and scale as required. For US Java teams, Jelastic aligns costs dynamically to application needs.

Microservices support

Jelastic enables US Java teams to easily build distributed microservices architectures. It provides independent scaling, networking and isolation for each microservice. Jelastic auto-deploys Docker containers and handles routing and inter-service communication. This allows implementing microservices best practices like evolving architectures over time. US teams can focus on app development rather than microservices infrastructure complexity. Jelastic simplifies running Java microservices in production without the overhead. Innovation velocity is maintained.

Enhanced security

Security is a top priority for US-based Java teams, and Jelastic provides robust capabilities to protect applications and data. It integrates firewalls, role-based access controls, SSL encryption, VPNs and more. Jelastic enables compliance with regulations like HIPAA that are important in the US. Sensitive customer data and intellectual property stay protected. Jelastic’s multi-layered security gives US teams peace of mind that Java apps and backend infrastructure are secured.

DevOps integration

Jelastic streamlines DevOps workflows through its integration with popular DevOps tools like Jenkins, Docker, Grafana and more. It auto-provisions testing/staging environments on-demand for CI/CD pipelines. Configs and permissions can be controlled granularly across environments. US Java teams can standardize and automate deployments from build to release. Jelastic saves time by provisioning infrastructure dynamically so developers can deliver faster.

Expert support

Jelastic is offered by specialized US hosting providers who provide expert platform support and management. This frees developers from ops tasks. Providers maintain the underlying infrastructure while teams focus on apps. Jelastic’s APIs also allow automating operational routines. US Java teams benefit from technical expertise to run apps smoothly without becoming cloud infrastructure experts. Jelastic support enables velocity.

Leading US providers

Major US hosting providers like Packet, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud offer Jelastic PaaS across US datacenter regions. This gives US Java teams geographic diversity with low latency access. Providers manage the infrastructure so teams can focus on apps. Support resources are located in the US for native expertise. Jelastic’s availability through leading US providers gives developers cloud agility and convenience. Resources scale globally while apps stay close.




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