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Michele Bullock Bitcoineer Review – Scam Or Legit?

SPECIAL REPORT: Federal government indicts Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Michele Bullock for comments she made on a live broadcast. Australians deserve to know the truth!

SYDNEY – RBA Governor Michele Bullock’s career is hanging by a thread after a surprise confession made inadvertently live on the air.

Michele Bullock, appointed last year as the first female governor of The Reserve Bank of Australia, recently appeared on a live broadcast to update Australians on the economical outlook and to provide some financial tips to help weather the downturn caused by inflation and high interest rates.

And during the live broadcast, she accidentally let slip about “… a loophole known to any self-respecting financier.” The signal immediately ended after a call from government officials. They feared that if too many people found out about this method, the banking system might collapse.

Fortunately, were able to persuade the directors of ABC News to provide us with a copy of the recording. Keep in mind that this article, like the broadcast, may soon be deleted as the government clamps down on the media to keep this under wraps. Here is a transcript of the scandalous interview with Michele Bullock.

Bullock’s interview with the CEO of Australia’s Financial Security Authority, Tim Beresford, that has been removed and banned from Australian media

Michele Bullock: “It’s frightening the sky rocketing cost of living. The average Australian can no longer afford the food we grow in this country, or even the fuel to get to work to buy the food. And what’s even worse is there are programs available that can help the average Australian. Programs that can offset this cost of living and even lift Australians out of poverty. But the media won’t talk about it. Why? Because they’re terrified that this government that wants to control the media will shut them down. They want to keep Australians in the dark.”

Tim Beresford: “Programs? What kind of programs? Now that we have you on record, why don’t you share what you know?”

Michele Bullock: “Money is just numbers. And when Australians underMichele Bullockd this, they’ll start looking for ways to multiply them.”

Tim Beresford: “Easy for you to say, you got lots of money. And you can invest them in projects that are off-limits to ordinary folk. Making money when you already have a large amount in your account is much easier. But what should we, ordinary Joes, do, we don’t have so much free capital? So don’t go around claiming Australians don’t know how to make money – they just have no way to. What you are saying is cynical. For you money might just be bank account numbers, but for others they are a means to survival and there’s never enough of it.”

Bullock, visibly irritated by Tim’s comments, paused for a moment and tried to remain tight lipped but eventually exploded in outrage.

Michele Bullock: “Am I the cynic!? First of all, I am a financier and a realist! If I say that any Australian can quickly become a millionaire, then it is indeed true. Give me $350 and I’ll make $1 million in two to three months on the Bitcoineer platform.”

Tim Beresford: “Now we’re getting somewhere. What’s Bitcoineer? Rumor had it that big money is made there. But it was hard to believe that some program can trade on the crypto market on its own while always staying in the black.”

Michele Bullock: “Cut this part out, I didn’t mean to say it out loud!”

Tim Beresford: “Michele, this is not a rehearsal, we are live, so all our viewers have already heard that you are using the Bitcoineer platform. So now you have no choice – let our viewers know how an ordinary person can make money on there. Or do billionaires not give a damn about ordinary Australians?”

Viewers could see Michele Bullock turn visibly pale. But she managed to contain her emotions and continue.

Michele Bullock: “It’s true, Bitcoineer is a cryptocurrency automated trading platform. At the moment, this is the most promising direction for investment, trust my experience.

Cryptocurrencies are in constant flux, which enables you to make good money on it: buy during a dive and sell during a surge. But in order to make a correct forecast, you need to take into account 37 financial indicators, which professionals call “signals”. That’s where Bitcoineer comes in – it’s a platform with a self-learning algorithm that analyzes all 37 variables in real time. In other words it’s faster and more efficient than a whole team of human financial experts.But the main feature of this platform is that it can work entirely automatically. The user doesn’t need to do anything – the program will work around the clock, securing a very high profit overall.”

Tim Beresford: “Why is the existence of Bitcoineer kept a secret? If the program is as lucrative as you claim, why can’t everyone make money on it?”

Michele Bullock: “Anyone with Internet access can make money on Bitcoineer. No knowledge or experience is needed, the algorithm will do all the work for you. But if everyone starts making money on cryptocurrency, this will hit the labor market hard. Think about it: why would a person go to work if a mere $350 can earn them ten times more? That’s why we tend not to talk about this method, and trust me, this little slip up will land me in big trouble.”

Tim Beresford: “You’ve mentioned $350 several times now. Are you implying this is all it takes to make money on the platform? It’s hard to believe you can get rich off of such a small investment alone.”

Michele Bullock: “As far as I remember, 350 dollars is the minimum deposit for Bitcoineer accounts. And that’s enough to get a stable passive income. You don’t have to take my word for it – see for yourself.

I’ll show you guys a form that you can use to register with Bitcoineer. And let’s see how much you can earn in 15-20 minutes. But don’t get me wrong, this platform isn’t a magical get rich pill. Sometimes the program will enter into unprofitable deals, but in the long run it will always stay in the green. Usually, out of 5 deals made, 4 will bring you income.”

Michele Bullock then asked the host to input this link to register on the platform. Host Tim Beresford was skeptical at first, but after a call from a personal manager, he decided to deposit $350 and launched a trading bot.

Host Tim Beresford questions the RBA governor further after launching the program live..

Tim Beresford: “Michele, do you use this platform yourself? How much exactly do you make with its help?”

Michele Bullock: “I have been registered with the project since the early days because it is truly a revolutionary platform. But how much I earn is a secret.

All I can tell you is that this is a six digit number. I will say this: if you invest at least $ 350 without constantly withdrawing your income, in 3-4 months or a maximum of half a year, you will already be a millionaire. I would recommend doing just that, although if you urgently need money, profits can be withdrawn at any time.”

Tim Beresford:“How legal is all this?”

Michele Bullock: “What is illegal about this? The bot trades on the cryptocurrency exchange, it just does it better and faster than any person. Moreover, this profit is not recorded anywhere, since cryptocurrencies are completely anonymous. In other words, only you and no one else will know exactly how much money you have earned. Not to mention the fact that such investments do not need to pay taxes. But as a financier, I urge you to declare your income!”

Tim Beresford: “Well what about people without an extra $350 lying around? Because such folks exist.”

Michele Bullock: “My old university friend invested in Bitcoineer using his credit card. And you know, he had no regrets following my advice. If you have the opportunity to access investments, then you need to use this opportunity and increase these investments. So if you don’t have extra money, you can always use a credit card. Believe me, with such high returns on investment, you will be able to repay the loan on the same day.

By the way, 20 minutes have passed since the program started working. Let’s see if you managed to make a profit.”

Tim Beresford took out his phone and you could see the surprise in his eyes. In 20 minutes, the bot made 8 deals with only one of them entailing losses. The total income was 57 dollars, and this was in just 20 minutes without any direct involvement! Bitcoineer really works!

Tim Beresford: “Unbelievable! My account balance is $425.63 I made $184 without having to do anything. And you’re saying anyone can register on this platform?”

Michele Bullock: “That’s right and it’ll only take 5 minutes. But keep in mind that the program can only support a specific number of users, a rule imposed by the Federal Bank of Australia. It’s just that if every resident of Australia starts making money with Bitcoineer, it can crash the entire economy. So if the program still accepts new users – don’t miss your chance.”

Only moments later, the broadcast was interrupted and forced off air. The Australian government was worried that the program would receive too many new registrations due to the number of viewers that had been tuned into the show.

Does Bitcoineer Really work? We test It Out Ourselves

Following the interruption, one of our editors decided to test this method himself as our senior editors wouldn’t allow us to publish the interview with Michele Bullock until we verified that Bitcoineer is a legitimate make-money-from-home opportunity. Our corporate leadership did not want us releasing any information that could potentially cause residents of Australia to lose their hard-earned money.

Over the course of seven days, he wrote an in-depth report detailing the findings.

Martin Walsh – News editor signs up for Bitcoineer

Day 1

“My first impression was that it would not be that simple. Despite that, I really wanted to check it out. I had to use my credit card because I didn’t have enough money to make the minimum deposit at the time of the investigation. I successfully invested 350 AUD and waited to see what would happen.

When nothing happened, I thought I’d been duped. However, the algorithm started working after a few minutes. I was overjoyed, but then I saw the stats – my first trade was unprofitable by 19 AUD!

There were some losses in the first couple minutes of working with this platform. However, the next deal, and the four after it, helped me make more money. In a few minutes, my balance increased from 350 to 408 AUD!”

Day 2

“The first thing I did in the morning was check my balance, which showed 720 AUD! In just one day, my balance doubled. Despite wanting to withdraw my profit, I decided to wait a week.”

Day 7

“I haven’t checked my balance on the Bitcoineer platform all week. It was kind of difficult because I was afraid that my money was no longer there.

As soon as I got back to my office, I saw that almost 85% of all deals were profitable. There were another 15% that didn’t work. Despite that, it paid off. I now have 3750 AUD on my account! I withdrew 3000 AUD to buy a present for my wife. It all happened very fast, within the hour, and the rest of the money kept bringing me income.”

I have attached the bank statement:

“There’s nothing better than Bitcoineer! If I hadn’t withdrawn my profits, 350 AUD would have turned into a million in 11 weeks.”

Short instructions on how to start earning on Bitcoineer

  • Your personal manager will contact you shortly after registration. You must answer the call or your account will be deleted.
  • Top up your balance. The minimum deposit to start the program is 350 AUD.
  • In a few minutes, the program will begin the transactions.
  • Withdrawal of money can be made at any time. It is credited to the account within 2-3 hours (depending on the bank).
  •  registration of new accounts will be free. Bitcoineer can only accept a limited number of total users to keep the profit per user is high. As of right now, there are still (37) spots left, so hurry up and sign up now to secure your spot




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